How Career Specialist Olujimi Tewe Left Paid Employment To Pursue His Dreams Seven Years Ago


Olujimi Tewe is the CEO of Inspiro Consulting, a Career Services & Human Resource Management firm located in Lagos, Nigeria. Inspiro Consulting enjoys a strategic partnership with CareerLeader, a Global Career Coaching firm based in Boston Massachusetts.

He has authored three books (“Where Did All My Money Go”, “Getting a Good Job Easily” and “Free from Corporate Slavery”). Jimi also has diverse materials that help young people reach their maximum potential.

He is one of the most reckoned public speakers in Nigeria today. He has a very great influence within and outside the country. He is a mentor and role model to many young people who aspire to be successful in life. He is seen as a successful (made person) today but it all didn’t happen overnight. He had to take great risks in his life and pursue his dream. On the 8th of September 2010, he took a decision that changed his LIFE!

Jimi Tewe was recently named among the top 100 most influential youths in Africa for 2017. Read his inspiring story:

“Its been exactly 7 years since I left paid employment to pursue my dreams.

I took this particular picture a few weeks after that. My smile was bright. I was very excited in my heart. I was also a bit afraid about how things will go. This was a major step for me.

Leaving my N920,000 per month job as a Senior Manager in the banking industry to pursue a dream that was still in its infancy seemed crazy at the time… BUT… Today, I am only very grateful to God that I made that move.

Someone asked me recently, ‘Jimi, how will it have been if you didn’t make that transition?’. I looked him straight in the eye and said, ‘I don’t know how it would have turned out if I didn’t and I never need to know’. In this seventh year, one of the biggest things I will be doing will be helping those who are in the same shoes I was in 7 years ago.”

“You have a dream that God has put in your heart but you do not know how you will transit to where you desire to be from where you are. Its YOU I want to help.
It has been a story of ups, downs, twists and turns but in all, I have moved FORWARD. I am making IMPACT, gaining INFLUENCE and earning INCOME doing what God has asked me to do.

Next week Wednesday September 13, I will hold an Instalive and FacebookLive session titled ‘My 7 Year Story’. We start by 8pm.

Between your ‘Egypt’ and your ‘Promised Land’ is always a wilderness. We are usually tired of our ‘Egypt’, excited about our ‘Promised land’ but afraid of our ‘Wilderness’. Well, I will share with you what it takes to go through your career ‘wilderness’ successfully. It will be real and very practical.
If you know anyone who should plan to listen in, tag them now.
Again, I am grateful to God for all He has done for me in these 7 years. Looking forward to the bright future ahead of me.”

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